Audio mixer for Linux console (shell)

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For people like me who cannot live without listening to music, controlling volume level and different channels are crucial tasks. In Linux console for everything (up to now that I am using it) there is a replacement of GUI. There are many applications available to control volume in text-mode as well.

Here, I just want to introduce one which I like it and is very handy and that’s amixer. Amixer is a simple text-mode mixer control which allows you to control volume level.

Using it is really simple, here I put some example of how to use it.

$ amixer

Shows all available channels.

$ amixer set Master 0

Set master channel to zero. Bear in mind that master should be written with capital M.

$ amixer set Master 5+

Increases 5 level of the master channel volume. Again be careful about the place of + sign.

$ amixer set Master 5-

Decreases 5 level of the master channel volume. More information is available in man page of Amixer.