How to AMPtize your WordPress site

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Earlier in this post, I introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). There AMP technology and its features discussed. Current post aims at implementation of AMP for WordPress platform via plugins in easy steps for non-programmers and those who do not have experience in web designing.

One of biggest advantages of using WordPress is the abundance of useful plugins for different purposes that make life easier. In a 2014 post I have discussed some of them, here.

As you may guess by now, there is an awesome plugin also available for AMP. The name of the plugin is AMP which is available to download at the official WordPress site, here.

Overall, the installation process and configuration is quite smooth which does not require any sort of expertise. In fact, the default configuration is quite standard and does not require any changes, except theme maybe.

After done with installation and configuration of AMP plugin, the target website should be AMP friendly. To see the AMP version of the site, just need to append /amp at the end of it. However, you must remember, this is not applicable to administrator pages.

As an instance, the AMP friendly URL of the latest post of this blog is this:

Normal and AMP friendly version looks like this:

Normal VS AMP version
Normal VS AMP version

What’s the next?

The only step remains is to wait for sometimes (between few days to few months, depends on the site ranking) that Google indexes the AMP pages of the site. As a result, if the page is searched on any mobile browser which is AMP compatible, they will be redirected to the AMP version of the site. Below picture is a good example of AMP version of this blog post about Gson.

AMP page example
AMP page example

Note that the AMP pages load from Google CDN which is very fast and opens every page instantly. That’s reason why the URL of the blog post in the righthand image is started with not

However, all the work is not done yet. If Yoast plugin is used for SEO, a great option is to add one of its extension called Yoast SEO AMP glue plugin. This plugin basically makes sure the default WordPress AMP plugin uses the proper Yoast SEO metadata and allows modification of the AMP page design. Hence, it is highly recommended to have the Yoast glue plugin.