Install Cheese Webcam effects on Arch

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Install Cheese Webcam effects. Cheese is the de facto webcam application in many Linux distributions. It is a better alternative for mplayer as a webcam, especially for new users. However, in some distros like Arch or Manjaro, it does not come with effects installed by default. Means when clicking on effects tab you will get no effects found error.

Finding which package is related to Cheese effects is such a pain. For instance, a search in the pacman repository for any Cheese related package didn’t bring me anywhere. That’s because the effect package is not for the Cheese application and it’s a Gnome app in fact.

Long story short to install Cheese effect in Arch based Linux distros just run the below command,

$ pacman -Sy gnome-video-effects

And then restart your Cheese application.

Happy Cheesing! 1, 2, 3, Cheese!