Geeky Hacker as its name implies is all about what Geeks and Hackers (in a positive way) do which is experimenting and learning constantly. We understand that passion because we are one of you. Here we focus on Coding, Tech, and Linux. We write awesome geeky articles to help to enrich your knowledge. 

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Where it all began

Geeky Hacker initially started in March 2013 as GeeksWeb or Kasra Madadipouya’s blog. The first few years’ posts were entirely Linux oriented with a very personal theme. However, since late 2018 the site focus has shifted to more (professional) software development and coding related themes with Java (JVM), Spring focus.

2020 rebranding

In 2020, the site rebranded as Geeky Hacker and became a separate entity. Finally, in June 2020 Geeky Hacker restructuring process started to have a new design and provide a better user experience.

Until now Geeky Hacker is the result of many hours of dedication and hardworking of a single individual with the sole purpose of sharing knowledge to help developers and technical enthusiasts in any shape or form.