Auto submit url to internet wayback machine

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In the previous post I have explained about internet wayback machine and the use of it. As I have mentioned there, internet wayback machine doesn’t provide any APIs to submit URLs automatically and base on the timely period to be archived. But there is a workaround to overcome this drawback and make the page submission automated.

I have created a simple Java program that gets a URL and then submit it to internet wayback machine to be archived. The project can be found in GitHub from this link.

In order to make the application to run automatically, you just need to create a simple script like below,

#! /bin/bash
java -jar InternetWayBackMachine.jar [YourUrl]

After saving the script, you need to add it to crontab and set your desirable time for the script to be executed. You can get familiar with crontab at this link.

Feel free to provide your feedback about this application.