Few books that every geek should read

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If you are a big fan of Linux and interested in knowing about philosophy of Linux and Free software, I would recommend you to get  copies of the following books and start reading it. I should mention that these books are not merely for geeks, Linux/Free software lovers or computer fans, but they are some sorts of philosophic which from my point of view is necessary for everyone to read. Reading these books help you to understand the meaning of contribution, helping others and in some degrees selflessness in deep.

Enough talking let’s introduce the books.

1. Free Software, Free Society

Free Software Free Society
Free Software Free Society

This book contains of selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman aka RMS. According to FSF explanation

the essays span a wide range, from copyright to the history of the free software movement. They include many arguments not well known, and among these, an especially insightful account of the changed circumstances that render copyright in the digital world suspect. They will serve as a resource for those who seek to understand the thought of this most powerful man–powerful in his ideas, his passion, and his integrity, even if powerless in every other way. They will inspire other who would take these ideas, and build upon them

The book is available legally Free to download and read from here [GNU.org website], however I will highly recommend to purchase it for supporting Free Software Foundation (FSF). You can purchase the book from this link [FSF.org shop].

2. Free as in Freedom (2.0)

Free as in Freedom (2.0)
Free as in Freedom (2.0)

According to FSF explanation ” In 2002, Sam Williams wrote Free as in Freedom, a biography of Richard M. Stallman. In its epilogue, Williams expressed hope that choosing to distribute his book under the GNU Free Documentation License would enable and encourage others to share corrections and their own perspectives through modifications to his work.

Free as in Freedom (2.0) is Stallman’s revision of the original biography. While preserving Williams’s viewpoint, it includes factual corrections and extensive new commentary by Stallman, as well as new prefaces by both authors written for the occasion. It is a rare kind of biography, where the reader has the benefit of both the biographer’s original words and the subject’s response

More explanation about the book can be find here. [Wikipedia link]

Like the previous book, this book is also available Freely to download from this link [Static.fsf.org].

And if you want to purchase the book please click this link [FSF.org shop].

3. Just for Fun : The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary

Just for Fun : The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary
Just for Fun : The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary

Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary is a humorous autobiography of Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, co-written with David Diamond. The book primarily theorizes the Law of Linus that all evolution contributed by humanity starts for survival, sustains socially and entertains at last. Other than this the book explains Torvalds’ view of himself, the free software movement and the development of Linux [Source Wikepdia].

The book has no legally Free online version but it available to purchase from various sources like here [Amazon].

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