Changing Ubuntu calendar language

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One irritating fact about Ubuntu is that it localizes the calendar based on your location and time zone. I am very against of this practice. It is annoying, it makes me do googling to find out how to fix it which is absolutely waste of time. And it hinders my freedom of choice because Ubuntu creators think that such a feature brings ease which costs your flexibility and freedom of applying changes, that is a big portion of Linux philosophy.

Today again as usual when I install a fresh Ubuntu I did a google search to change the language of calendar and set it to English (United States). And as usual I have encountered this post.

I am very thankful that the community is very helpful on this matter but I really cannot memorize the location because I barely install fresh, once in a year maybe. So even memorizing it has no use.

But in order to find it easily and keeping in mind the risk of deletion of post for whatever reasons, I have decided to write about post about it and add pictures for better understanding. Hence, people like me that want to change the language of their Ubuntu systems calendar can use this resource, if the existing one failed.

Well, let’s get started. The process is very easy. All you have to do is  go to System Settings → Language Support → Regional Formats tab and then change the drop down under “Display numbers, dates and currency amounts in the usual format for:” to your favorite language. If you have decided to apply the changes in the entire system, do not forget to press Apply System-wide button underneath. Keep in mind that you need to have root password.

For better demonstration, have a look at the following image.

Last step is to logout and login to see the changes.

Good luck!