Converting .nrg file to .iso in Ubuntu terminal

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Few days back I decided to run a retro Windows based game on my Ubuntu machine with Wine. When I found the image files of the game, I did realize that the image format is .nrg aka Nero image. I searched little bit the net and found two useful command line based to convert .nrg file to .iso.

The first tool is nrg2iso which is available in Ubuntu repository. You can install nrg2iso with following command,

$ sudo apt-get install nrg2iso

For using it enter this command,

$ nrg2iso [.nrg file] [.iso file]


$ nrg2iso MyImage.nrg IsoImage.iso

The second tool for converting .nrg file to .iso is iat. This tool is also available on Ubuntu repository and you just need to install it with this command,

$ sudo apt-get install iat

Once installation completed you can use it like below,

$ iat [.nrg file] [.iso file]


$ iat MyImage.nrg IsoImage.iso