How to add show desktop shortcut for KDE

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KDE is an amazing desktop environment and is one of my favorite after Unity and Cinnamon desktop environments. The biggest advantage of KDE is that it is totally customizable which is one of its downside as well.

For me as an average Joe, I am not concerned about aesthetic respects of my desktop. In fact, I just want to do my things (get the job done) as I could in other desktops in the first place especially when it comes to shortcuts. I am a big fan of keyboard and a mouse hater. So, naturally I want to stick to the same set of hotkeys anywhere/everywhere. This is extremely annoying when I work with Apple computers. It drives me crazy because I can’t use the same hotkeys as I use to. In KDE the pain is much lesser, thank to flexible configuration. But still I have to put extra efforts to configure things in my favor.

Anyway, let’s back to the main topic. You can define show desktop shortcut in KDE even though is not defined by default. I have found the solution in this link at post #7.

For consistency, I have copied the solution here, but all the credit goes to the author not me.

  1. Right click on a panel->Panel Options->Add Widgets
  2. Search for Show Desktop and add to panel
  3. Right click on Show Desktop from a panel and Show Desktop Settings
  4. On Show Desktop Settings you can add your keyboard shortcut

It works perfectly fine. For the list of the necessary KDE shortcuts you can refer to one my getting started with OpenSuse 42.1 Leap for Ubuntu users post.