How to connect GitHub repository to Twitter

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Undoubtedly GitHub is the most popular distributed web-based revision control system. Beside of being able to use nearly all Git facilities, it comes with extra easy to use functions that might not be easy to access in other platforms like Bitbucket.

One of my favorite GitHub facilities is Webhooks & services. Basically you can use Webhooks to allow external services to be notified when certain events happen within your repository (e.g. committing code).

In addition to that, you can easily connect your repository to many services GitHub provided (Bamboo, Docker, Email, Heroku, Twitter and many more). This is very useful for Continuous Integration (CI) which requires a separate post to go through it.

Among all of those services, I really like Twitter integration which allows to connect GitHub repositories to Twitter account and whenever for example, I push a code to the repository, GitHub Tweets about the commit.

Enabling Twitter service in GitHub is quite easy, here I demonstrate in pictures for better understanding.

The first step is to click on Settings of your repository.

Then from left-hand side menu select “Integrations & services”.

From there click on Add service drop-down menu and type Twitter.

Next click on the Get an OAuth Token for Your Twitter Account

By clicking on the link you will be redirected to your Twitter account.

Click on Authorize App and then you will see Token and Secret text box populated with values.

The last step is to click Add service and you are done, congratulation! Happy Tweet coding 🙂