How to disable touch pad in Linux terminal

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Few days ago while I was drinking coffee and working with my laptop little coffee spread in my laptop and unluckily it went inside of my touch pad. After that my laptop touch pad left clicked by itself even without touching it which is quite annoying. Unfortunately, the laptop does not have switches to turn off the touch pad and all should be done with software.

I searched on the internet for the solution and I found one simple command to disable the touch pad in my laptop which runs on Ubuntu 12.04. The solution is quite simple and straight forward, what you need is to type the following command in your terminal.

$ sudo synclient TouchpadOff=1

As you can see synclient does the task of disabling touch pad with just one argument. In addition, you can make many other changes. Now, if you want to enable touch pad again you should change 1 to 0.

The only remain issue here is if you reboot your system the touch pad will be enabled again. Therefore, for making the change permanent you just need make simple bash script and run it while the system is booting.

For more information about synclient and how to write bash script please see following links.