How to download folders in Google Drive Android 2019

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In 2016 I wrote an article about how to download a Google Drive folder in Android. The article has gained some popularity and still, some people are referring to it. However, the issue is ES File Explorer has been removed from Google due to violation of policy. Hence, I decided to write this article and introduce another method of how to download Google Drive folders in Android. I called it 2019 edition 😀

Similar to the previous article, the process of downloading folders in Google Drive in Android is pretty straight forward. All we have to do is to rely on a third party application which is usually a file manager. Since Google Drive official app does not support downloading folders until now.

So for this purpose, we have to download a file manager called File Manager + and sign in to the Google Drive through that.

So first open the app and click on Cloud like below:

File Manager Cloud

Then select Add a cloud location

File Manager Cloud provider

After that select Google Drive

File Manager Google Drive

And then enter your credentials

File Manager Google Drive Signin

Once you have done with the sign in process you should be able to see the content of the Google Drive. To copy a folder just press and hold the icon then should see a pop up like below.

File Manager Google Drive copy folder

Press copy and go to SD card and paste it whenever you’d like.

That’s it. It’s rather easy and straight forward.

Disclaimer: Neither the author nor the blog has any affiliations with the File Manager + application or its creator company. The app presented in this article is a third party app. Hence, I cannot guarantee its safety. The purpose of this article is merely to demonstrate a way to download Google Drive folders in Android. Use it at your own risk. I am not liable for any misuse or consequences of using this app.