How to install Netbeans on Ubuntu

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After I upgrade my Linux from Ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04, I downloaded new version of Netbeans and install on my system. Therefore, I decided to make short tutorial about Netbeans installation. As far as I know Netbeans is not in Ubuntu repository and you should download it from its website and then install it.

You can download latest version of Netbeans (7.3) from this website.

After downloading it you should install it via terminal. For installation just type something like below,

$ sudo ./

If you do not have root permission you can remove it sudo part which is fine and the application will install in your home folder instead.

Bear in mind that the only prerequisite of Netbeans is java compiler, so make sure that you have installed it.

Once you run above command the installation wizard will start and with few clicks you can install Netbeans easily.