How to install WordPress on Ubuntu

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Possibly, it happens for many bloggers and website managers are working with WordPress intend to design or test their works on localhost. In this post I explain about how to install WordPress on Ubuntu.

First of all you need to install and configure AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) on Ubuntu and then you will be able to setup WordPress there successfully. For those who have not installed AMP yet, please refer to Installing LAMP article to learn about it.

After installing LAMP, the rest of the work is quite simple and you need to follow below steps.

  1. Download WordPress zip file from here (WordPress official website).
  2. Create a folder and name it WordPress in /var/www path.
  3. Extract the contents of zip file in /var/www/Wordpress.

Note that for copying the zip file contents in mentioned path you need root access as well as creating directory. Therefore, it is better to do step 2 and 3 from terminal like following.

$ sudo mkdir /var/www/Wordpress
$ sudo unzip -d /var/www/Wordpress

Finally, for checking that is WordPress installed properly or not type /localhost/wordpress/ in your browser address bar.