IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts for Eclipse users

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IntelliJ IDEA IDEs are very popular among developers, especially Java folks. In addition to that, they support multiple languages such as Java, Scala, C/C++, Python, etc.

I have recently switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ for Java development. At first, I had very difficult time to give up Eclipse convenient shortcuts. As a result I came up with follow table as a small list of equivalent Eclipse shortcuts in IntelliJ.

  • Ctrl + F → Find
  • Ctrl + Shift + F → Search the project
  • Ctrl + Shift + F10 → Run the test in the selected cursor
  • Ctrl + Shift + N → Open a file that matches the pattern
  • Ctrl + Tab → Selecting the tab
  • Ctrl + F4 → Close the current tab
  • Ctrl + B → Move to declaration
  • Ctrl + G → Go to line
  • Ctrl + Winkey + Alt + L → Correct indentation (Windows users, remove Winkey
  • Alt + Winkey + Left/Right → Switching between tab (Windows users, remove Winkey)
  • Zoom in/out use → Ctrl + Mouse wheel

About zooming

By default zooming is deactivated in the IntelliJ, to enable it

  • Open the Settings/Preferences dialog, expand the Editor node, and click General.
  • Make sure that the setting Change font size (Zoom) with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel is enabled.

To reset zooming,

  • Ctrl + Shift + A
  • Type Reset font size

Enabling permanent line number

Go to setting → editor → general → appearance → show line numbers