Introducing some useful web applications

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Web applications are becoming so popular undoubtedly and widely used with great technology improvements in recent years and also web 2.0. Now, a user does not need to install all types of the applications for his daily use, he can access to wide range of them online especially when user is mobile and does not have laptop with himself. In this post I introduce some useful website for this purpose which with the use of them you do not need to install thousands applications on your device and at least you get rid off of the applications which you occasionally use.

Picture editors

Most of time people just use picture/image editor to resize picture, ResizeYouImage and PicResize also do the same thing for you. If you are looking for more complicated picture editor I suggest you Pixlr website which has three types of image editor applications and the advanced version of it is a complete Photoshop or Gimp and does almost everything for you.


Many time you want to convert a HTML page or web page to PDF instead of saving it into HTML formats which makes hard disk messy with saving many small pictures, files. Plus sometimes browsers have issue with displaying it. Pdfcrowd website is a very handy tool which helps you to convert specific web page to PDF. If you already have HTML file in your computer and want to convert it, you also can use the mentioned website.

Full online Microsoft office

If you want to edit all your office documents and you do not have access to your laptop right now or you do not have office installation files, do not worry you just need to make a SkyDrive account which is cloud account and then make and edit your files there. This work gives you one more advantage and it is that you also can keep your files portable. If you have Hotmail or Live email account, SkyDrive is accessible there and you do not need to create new accounts. Additionally, GoogleDrive provides almost the same service with the same quality but my preference is SkyDrive.

Online image, video, audio, archive, document converter

Online-convert website provides very very rich converters which satisfy all of your needs of converting different types of files. You first need to select which type of file do you want to convert. Then upload your file and after few minutes download your file with the new format (extension).

Online compiler collections

There is no need to install hundreds compiler to compile various types of codes. You can compile all programming language via CompileOnline website. This website provides all programming languages like Java, C/C++, C# and so on. Naming all programming languages are severe task so it is better to take a look at the website. Moreover, the website gives you this facility to code online means you can do programming online without any limitation. In fact the website has built in text editor.

Online text editor

For editing text you can probably find tunes of website with various and marvelous facilities here I just put Editpad, and Ephox as examples.

Online Bash emulator

If you are enthusiastic to work with Linux command line but you afraid of installation procedure or do not want to install it for specific reason(s) do not worry, you can work with Bash via website. This website provides a bash emulator for the user to interact with it. If you want to run your Bash script do not worry, just go to CompileOnline website from online compiler collections section. Mentioned website runs Bash script for you as well.

Online Video editor

If you want to add effects, music, cut and so other many things with your videos, website gives you this ability to edit all of your videos online. Although, online video editing is tough since you need to upload your video which most of time has huge size and then the site does not have facilities of professional video editors, overall it is good experience to give a try.