Opening Ms Office and Open/Libre Office in Linux console (shell)

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As I mentioned in my earlier posts most of the time I work in text-mode and spend my time there. Therefore, I was looking for the application to open Ms Office and Open/Libre Office files in text-mode. I found two applications for this purpose. One does the job directly means can open only Doc format directly but in the second application on the other hand converts both Ms Office and Open/Libre Office files to either Pdf, picture, or HTML file and then you can open them with another application(s). Here you can find how to open Pdf file in Linux terminal.

Note: Bear in mind that picture file format such as Jpeg can be utilized just in presentation file conversion not in spreadsheet and document files.

Both applications are available in Ubuntu repository and you can simply download it via following commands.

$ sudo apt install antiword
$ sudo apt install unoconv

Antiword application just can show Doc file directly in Linux console. By contrast Unoconv procedure is more complicated and indirect but it supports both Ms Office and Open/Libre Office files.

For converting Ms Office and Open/Libre Office files into Pdf format you can use the following command,

$ unoconv -f pdf [office file]

More information can be found in the man pages of the applications.