Story behind Ubuntu Indicator Weather

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Last week, I have seen a great news about my Ubuntu Indicator Weather and decided to write a post blog about it. The story started in last year November when I decided to create a weather webservice with Spring Boot built on top of Open Weather Map service with additional features such as Heat Index, Wind Chill calculation as well as implementing a small expert system to provide some recommendations according to weather condition. The expert system though is still under progress, it requires more metrics take into consideration when it comes to providing suggestions.

By finishing the development of the service, I ended up creating a simple and small Ubuntu indicator for myself to check weather without specifying the location. At the end of the first development phase, The indicator was ready and packaged (for Debian based distributions) and pushed to GitHub.

Once in awhile I had discovered some small bugs and pushed the fixes, nothing especial, until last month that noticed some people were interested in the indicator. That’s amazing, issues created for improvement and some great feedback received via email. Soon, I started to improve the indicator accordingly, and ended up working on Glade to build an UI for the indicator as well as learning lots of new things about geolocation and its calculations. Around end of July, managed to release version 0.5 of Ubuntu Indicator Weather with some significant improvement and received more people feedback (which is pending to address).

However, one question remained unanswered. How did people find out the indicator? It did not take long to discover the answer by accident. On a Monday morning of August 1st while I was reading some tech-related news I came across with a post on OMG! Ubuntu! talking about a weather indicator, it immediately caught my attention and I clicked on the link, what I have seen was amazing, they posted about the latest version of the indicator I created (link).

Soon I have also found an older post on OMG! Ubuntu about the earlier version of the indicator (link).

That was such a big surprise for me which indescribable in words. All I can say is a big thank you to OMG! Ubuntu!, author of the posts and Open source community who volunteered to test the indicator and provide valuable feedback to make things better.

And as usual happy coding ?