The best Linux distribution for VirtualBox

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It has been a while that I have to use Linux in VirtualBox because my new laptop doesn’t support Linux and all of my attempts to install Linux on it failed which is quite disappointing. However, the most disappointing thing that I faced was the lack of a good Linux distro to run seamlessly in VirtualBox.

As an example, at first I have tried Ubuntu 14.04 in VirtualBox and encountered numerous issues which I had mentioned earlier in this post. In addition to that I have faced significant performance problems as well, which I admit I couldn’t manage to fix and finally made a decision to try other distros. For your information, I am a big fan of Ubuntu, but I must admit that they simply failed in Virtualization.

The next Linux distribution I have tried was Elementary OS, which I read many positive feedback about it. But unfortunately the situation in Elementary OS was exactly the same as Ubuntu with slightly better performance. Hence, I dropped this distro as well despite its beauty.

The third one was Debian. I have installed Debian 8.0 with Gnome 3 and LXDE. I was quite impressed how it worked without any issue and I was able to install VirtualBox guest addition flawlessly and within a few minutes. Therefore, I have decided to keep Debian 8.0 for my work.

Finally, out of curiosity, I decided to install Mint to see how it functions in VirtualBox. I was totally caught by surprise that how it works awesome without any single issue. To compare with Debian, for sure Mint works much better in VirtualBox. For instance, in Debian without Guest addition I couldn’t resize the display size and it was making some troubles or YouTube videos were somehow freezing, but didn’t have any of the mentioned issues in Mint and I even didn’t bother myself to install Guest addition. So, I have dropped Debian at the end of the day and currently, I am fully using Mint in VirtualBox.

Thanks to Linux Mint community for making people’s life easier by providing an awesome product.