Add natural scrolling to i3

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I really like i3. In fact, I was working with it actively until few months back that I reinstalled my Ubuntu system. Few days back, I reinstalled i3 again and decided to give a try to Qutebrowser. It is all motivated by watching some YouTube videos of Luke Smith. In specific, I like his ideas about Free Software, highly recommended to watch his videos.

Anyhow, story short, after installing i3 again everything was working smoothly and I didn’t need to do any configuration because I saved all my dot files in a GitHub repository here.

Except one little thing. The natural scrolling was not working properly. It seemed that i3 does not load the configuration of Ubuntu control center.

But no worries, it can be fixed easily. I just added this line to my i3 config file and then reload the config (Mod + Shift + c) and it resolved the natural scrolling issue. Here is the line I added:

exec --no-startup-id synclient HorizEdgeScroll=1 VertEdgeScroll=1 VertScrollDelta=-111