Four things to do after installing Ubuntu Mate – YouTube

Another weekend and another YouTube video. In this video, I go through four things to do after installing Ubuntu Mate.

A little background

I wanted to install Linux on my ThinkPad X250 but was not sure about the distro. On my other machine, I already have Manjaro i3 around two years and so far so good. But I wanted to try something new. I tried some distros in VirtualBox and then decided to either install Linux Mint or Ubuntu Mate.

I then created a poll on Mastodon and asked others’ opinions.

Well, as you can see the result was 50-50, so to break the tie, I had to break the tie, I flipped a coin and Ubuntu Mate was the winner.

Four Ubuntu Mate customizations

The default settings were not appealing to me so I decided to make some modifications and make a video about it,

These customizations are:

  • Adding back the traditional application menu
  • Installing arc-theme and papirus-icon
  • Muting the Mate sounds such as terminal backspace, etc.
  • Defining bunch of keyboard shortcuts

Ubuntu Mate performance on ThinkPad x250

I ran the Ubuntu Mate for three weeks on my machine but the performance was not good. It was too slow. I didn’t research but for sure one problem is related to the graphics driver.

I summarized the issues I faced in case anyone is interested:

  • Keyboard backlit – there’s a bug in the power management and that causes keyboard backlit to randomly turn on. There are some fixes for but I have not tried any.
  • Screen tearing – when watching videos or moving windows too quickly screen starts to tear. This is rather annoying.
  • Slow performance – opening applications especially Firefox was taking a very long time and the Firefox was running slow as well. For instance some times it hangs on YouTube video playback.

Switching to Linux Mint

As I mentioned above, I used Linux Mint for two weeks but couldn’t bear it anymore. I decided to install Linux Mint instead to see how it works. So far it works alright. I write an update if anything interesting happens.

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