Google and Bing webmaster tools

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If you are owner of a website or admin of it, you may be interested to check indexing status and optimize visibility of your website(s). Google and Bing have webmaster tools which can help you to manage and check indexing really easy and for free. Furthermore, your website will index by their search engines.

You do not create account if you have Gmail, Google+ accounts for Google and Live, or Hotmail accounts for Bing. The links are Google webmaster and Bing webmaster.

Additionally, google facilitates you with google analytics which you can get statistics and analyze of a certain page of the website with adding few lines of code which are given by google.

On the other hand if you want to add your website to many search engines you can use this link.

It is claimed that entered URL will be added on the search engines but I cannot grantee it since I recently submitted mine.

Here is couple of more search engines which you can add your website there.

More information about webmaster tools and webmaster can be found here and here.