How to use domain with Heliohost

Default featured post is the best and most legitimate free domain provider. They provide free domain which is not black listed by Google or other search engines and also after domain dedication they do not ask for paying them despite of your website traffic or whether the website is successful or not. domain extension is very acceptable and meaningful. It is far more better than any other domain provider from my perspective. However, the services has few drawbacks.

First of all, the website interface is not friendly at all and this makes registration process confusing and tedious.

Second of all, after registration, the process of validation is takes so long, around month or more.

Third of all, does not accept nameservers and it keeps throwing error for unknown reasons. Even though, if you manage to pass it, it will finally fail because one of Heliohost nameserver does not working anymore and this happened around a year back.

Now what is the solution to overcome with the above problems?

For the first issue almost there is no solution except being patient and waiting, which personally I think it is not a big deal and it worth to wait to get a good free domain.

However, for the second problem there is a quick and simple solution which is the main topic of this post. In order to set your account to refer to Heliohost domain, you need to add a middle nameserver (NS) which is capable of referring to it. You can call this middle nameserver as bridge. Then from bridge, you point to Heliohost account by creating an A record. Referring point of the A record should be your Heliohost ip address.

For accomplishing the above task you need to create an account in a website such as EntryDNS, CloudDNS and so on. Personally, I recommend EntryDNS since it is quite simple and smooth. Once you created the account, just add a new domain like below picture,


After that click ‘Create’. Then back to your page and click on your record that you just created and click on Add Record and select A record and then fill out the information like below. Finally, click on create.

Adding A Record
Setting A record details

Now, go back to your domain setting page this link [] and set the fields like below picture,

Pointing to nameservers

Then click submit and that is all. The only extra thing that you need to take care is to change your Heliohost account to refer to your own domain if your Helio account refers to somewhere else like free Helio subdomain. For that go to your HelioHost account setting and then fill out the information like below,

Login to HelioHost

Then click submit and wait for a few minutes to get the successful message. Finally, wait for few hours or maximum a day to see the effect. After one day by right you should be able to see to access to your Helio hosted website with domain name.