How to add Google search to your website

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As you know this site had customized Google search which means that Google search algorithm is used for searching posts/keywords in the website. Google search is much more efficient in comparison with the default WordPress search. In this post I demonstrate about how to add customized Google search bar to your WordPress website.

Firstly, you need to go to this address and click on add to create your custom search. Keep in your mind that you are able to make search for more than one website which is useful in the case that you have more than one website or managing websites.

After clicking add, in the next page you should enter the address of your website and select your favorite language. Then in the next step your should click on create button to processed to the next page.

Then in the page Google provides you search code in HTML which you need to copy and paste it into your website. You also have this chance to change many parameters like size, theme, place of search bar,colors of links, buttons, etc. from edit search engine which is located in left side.

Now, you just need to paste the code in your WordPress website. In order to do that, from admin panel you should go to appearance menu and click on widgets. The next step is to add text widget to your panel and then paste the HTML code there and save everything and test it.