How to flash Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite stock ROM

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In the last post, I have explained how to root your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite with TWRP. In this post, we shift our focus and do the reverse process. Hence, you are expected to learn how to flash Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite stock ROM.

If for whatever reasons, you would like to flash the Samsung stock ROM, like due to deleting the TouchWiz, you are in the right place. Don’t worry the process is super simple and I teach step by step how to do.

Disclaimer: as usual be careful when flashing your device. I’m not responsible for any damages such as bricking your device.


Before starting the process, you need to ensure to have all necessary files and software. I listed all with their download links.

Unfortunately, Samsung has put all old stock ROMs behind the paywall, see here. You need to pay around 8.5 Euro to download the stock ROM. I have managed to find the ROM in a third-party site which took a very long time to download due to the speed limitation of the hosting site. Anyhow, I have decided to host it here for anyone who wants to use. But keep in mind two very important things:

  1. The ROM is for Malaysia
  2. It’s exclusively for SM-T111 Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 3 G

I highly advise against using this ROM if your tablet specs don’t match with the above.

Step #1 flashing the Galaxy Tab 3 stock recovery

Once you downloaded all the necessary files, it is time to flash the stock recovery first. To do that, turn off your device, then boot it to download mode (by pressing Power + Volume Down + Home buttons at the same time), more details here.

Once your device is in the download mode, open Odin, select the stock recovery file and then click the start button. To know how to work with Odin, read the previous article at this link.

When the process of flashing stock recovery has finished. Shutdown the device and proceed to the next step.

Step #2 flashing the Galaxy Tab 3 stock ROM

We have to repeat the same procedure. Booting in download mode but flashing the stock ROM this time, using Odin. It should be a fairly straight forward process. Just keep in mind flashing the stock ROM will take longer time. Hence, make sure your device has enough charge.

Flashing the stock ROM will wipe out all the data. Backup your necessary data before doing it.

That’s it for this post, hope you have learned something.