How to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Rooted

In the last Android post, I have discussed my experience of removing Touch Wiz which was disastrous. In that post, I briefly pointed out that removing internal device packages is possible only if you root the device. However, I have never mentioned how to do so. In this post, I show how to root a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for any damages to your device due to attempts to root it. This post is educational only. Do it at your risks.

Preparation before rooting

The first thing we have to do is to download necessary files needed for rooting Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. I have listed all the packages needed with download links.

Besides the above packages, you need to have a USB cable and a Window laptop.

Once you downloaded all the files listed above and prepare the equipment proceed to the next step.

Booting the device in Download mode

To flash TWRP, we need to first to boot the device in Download mode. To do so, first power off the device. Then at the same time press Power + Volume Down + Home buttons. After a few seconds you should be able to see the following screen:

Initial Download Mode

Then press Volume Up button to go to download mode, below picture:

Download Mode

Now connect the device to the computer and wait a few minutes until it installs all the drivers.

Flash TWRP using Odin

First open Odin. For that, you need to extract it. Once you have done that, right-click on the Odin application and click on run as administrator. This step is very crucial, otherwise, the Odin fails to communicate with the device.

Run Odin as Admin

Then extract the TWRP zip file. Once you have done it, click on AP on Odin and select the extracted TWRP file (tar.md5 extension).

Odin 3

Before hitting the start button make sure you have the exact following settings in the Options tab.

Odin3 Options

Now hit the start button and wait for a few minutes. After that, you should see the following screen in Odin and then your device restarts.


Installing SuperSU

So far we have flashed a custom recovery (TWRP). But we have not done yet. There is one more last step which is to install SuperSU using TWRP.

To do that unplug your device from the computer. Then shut the device off. This time press Power + Volume Up + Home. This should bring the device to Recovery mode, below picture.

TWRP Screen

Once you are in recovery mode, select Install, and then navigate to the place in your SD card where you stored SuperSU zip file.


Select the file and then swipe the slider button.

TWRP SuperSU Installation

Once it is done, select Wipe Cache/Dalvik and swipe the slider once more. Then select back and press reboot.

That is all. Congratulations, you have successfully managed to root your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. Now you can enjoy the root privileges but remember to not remove Samsung TouchWiz 🙂