Instapaper, a savior app

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For a long time I was seeking for an application/tool or whatsoever to be able to save the webpages cleanly and be able to read it in my laptop(s) and/or mobile devices flawlessly, offline and in sync. However, my attempt in the first place had been ended by saving the pages in PDF form and then use DropBox for sharing purpose. But, this is didn’t serve the purpose because in the first place, this approach requires the internet connection and secondly, it is hassle since lots of manual process need to be done. Basically, what I was looking for to be exact was saving the pages in friendly reading format for mobile or any other devices by just only and only one click.

Anyway, after few years from my initial idea, today, by surprise and totally randomly I have found the right tool when I was reading a totally unrelated article. I have found an application such as Instapaper does exist to do exactly what I am expecting exactly with one click. As a result quickly I have downloaded the application in my mobile devices and downloaded two extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Unfortunately, I figured out the extension for Firefox browser is not functional and sadly I am still not as comfortable as I have expected. Still, I need to use chrome sometimes when I want to save a page in Instapaper.

In overall, my very first experiment with Instapaper was totally positive and I do recommend to anybody who is seeking for the same tool as I was looking for long time.

Following links might be useful for you, take a look at them,


I have found an unofficial Instapaper Firefox extensions that work just fine. If you need any, you can find it here.