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Recommender System is quite new and attractive subject in computer science and nowadays it is almost utilized in all over the net mostly. The simplest example could be Amazon and Youtube. When you go to Youtube and watch a particular video, then Youtube sites on right hand provides list of recommended videos based on your watching history and other parameters accordingly.

If you are interested to learn about recommender system and algorithms there are many resources that you can start with, however some of them are too complicated for beginners. I did some search to find some beginner resources for those who are interested and following is the result of my finding.

1. Attending to introduction to Recommender Systems online course in Coursera

Coursera websites provides many high quality online courses for those who are interested to learn. Personally the website and their work is quite impressive. Provided courses are like real courses and each has assignment and many more which you should check it by yourself to see what I mean. Coursera also has introduction to Recommender Systems course which provided by university of Minnesota. You can register and check the course details and syllabus in the this link [Coursera].

2. Reading Recommender Systems: An Introduction by Dietmar Jannach book

 Recommender Systems: An Introduction
Recommender Systems: An Introduction

Among all recommender systems book that I have seen this book is the most simplest and complete one which I highly recommend it for beginners to read in order to understand the basic concept of recommender system. You can purchase the book from this link [Amazon].

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