Two fun terminal applications for Linux

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Linux is not only powerful and flexible, it also is fun operating system for any user category from beginners to expert. Experts mostly entertained with some hacking and geeky stuff and beginners could enjoy from all those hacking things as well as simple fun. Today I want to introduce two fun tricks that you can do in Linux terminal. Although, the numbers of fun are available widely in various categories but I found two below applications are really nice from by perspective.

Cmatrix screen saver

If you are looking for terminal screen saver, you can install Cmatrix. The screen saver is exactly looks like graphic based matrix screen saver and Matrix movie scenes. 😉

In order to install Cmatrix in Debian based distros simply type following command on terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install cmatrix

After installing the package, you can run the screen saver by typing cmatrix phrase.


This is simple application (command) which creates ASCII art from written text. This means that you write name or even text and then it will make it with ASCII characters like below picture.

For installing Figlet use below command in Debian based Linux,

$ sudo apt-get install figlet

Finally for running the application and getting you ASCII art follow below line.

$ figlet SomeText

For more information please refer to man pages of the applications.