Create Mobile Application for your website

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As you may have noticed this blog is running on WordPress which I am quite satisfied with what is provided and enjoying using tons of free plugins that provided.

Few days ago suddenly, something came to my mind about having mobile application for my blog and I have started to do some googling to find any possible and easy solution. Previously, I have create mobile version of my blog by using awesome plugin named WPtouch. Anyhow, back to the main topic, after some searching I have found bunch of plugins are freely available to download and test the demo to create mobile application for the blog and/or website. I had downloaded some [WiziApp, Mobiloud, AppPresser] and did the demo but so far I have realized that in order to get installation file (package) I need to subscribe and pay money for that which for medium and even small size of businesses is acceptable not for the blog like my blog which I doubt it has even 10 views per day.

Therefore, I have decided to delete the plugins and did further googling to find a free tool to do that for me and finally I have ended up using Como which you can create your mobile application for your blog within 5 minutes. Of course there is not much to expect from this web app but anyhow, at least they provide installation file without subscription.

My recommendation is to try it once even for fun purposes and just to have some entertainment.

The process of creating app is quite easy and even doesn’t need any sort of tutorial, it is so obvious and clear.