How to know which web technologies used in a specific website

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Sometimes it happens that we face with a well designed website and ask a question from ourselves about how and with which framework is created. Well the most easiest way to understand this matter is to go to the source code of the web page by right clicking on it. Most of the framework add extra information (meta data ) about used framework and other useful information there. For instance, if a website designed with WordPress for sure you will find “WordPress” word in the page. In addition, sometimes plugins add information to the web page. For example, if you go through my GeeksWeb source code soon you will realize that I used “Yoast WordPress SEO plugin”.

Although, you can gain many information about the website with going through the source code of it but sometimes you might need more extra information about the website such as License, RSS and many more things. Don’t worry there are plenty of the websites are available which do this task for you. Here I listed some useful websites which some how are related to the internet and website.

Getting information about the website built with which technology and many information,

For knowing the website used which CMS (Content Management System),

For identify the location, ISP of specific IP address which logged in to your website.

Gaining information about the owner of the website.

In Linux whois command does the same task as above site.

To get information about host operating system, Web server, etc.

Finally with curl command in Linux you also can get some useful information, look at the below example,

$ curl -sI