Flareget download manager as replacement of IDM in Linux box

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Years ago when I was shifted from Windows to Linux, I always thought that generally Linux suffers from one feature and it was the lack of good download manager which could download file with segmentation, having high speed and good GUI. I searched a lot on the internet but I could not have find a download manager as a replacement of IDM (Internet Download Manager) of Windows.

Although many download managers were available like Wget, Axel, d4x, etc. None of them had complete features of IDM.

For instance, Wget had low speed in comparison of IDM and in addition it did not have GUI or Axel was great in the downloading speed but again it suffers from lack of GUI and straight forward integration with web browsers.

Gradually, with the great improvement in my internet speed, I have totally forgotten about the download manager and most of time I downloaded my files either with the Firefox built-in download manager or Axel.

But after years today accidentally I faced with an article from webupd8.org that explained about a download manager which is called Flareget.

At first I was not sure about usefulness of it but after installation and reading more about it I changed my mind and found that it is great download manager.

This download manager is easy to install in both Debain based and Redhat based Linux. You just need to download either RPM or DEB file based on your Linux distribution and install it with few clicks.

The application also has Pro version which is paid and the cost is around $20. In addition, the interface of the application is very similar to IDM download manager and the great feature is, Flareget allows the user to download flash videos from various website with selection of their favorite quality.

More information can be found in the official website of Flareget.