How to remove smiley from the bottom of a WordPress

How to how smiley from the bottom of a WordPress

If you use WordPress with Jetpack, you may notice a little smiley icon after the footer on the bottom of your WordPress. This smiley is pretty harmless, yet can be quite annoying. Especially, once you have seen it you can’t unsee it anymore. It will catch your attention every time afterward. In this post, I go through the root cause and how to remove that smiley from the bottom of your WordPress site.

Where that smiley is coming from

The smiley icon discussed earlier looks like the below picture.

Jetpack smiley

It does not appear if you have already logged in to the admin panel. But it’s shown to any other visitors. To test that, just open your website incognito mode.

Jetpack plugin adds the smiley icon. It uses that for checking the site health as well as tracking the visitors to generate the stats for your site. Something like this chart,

Jetpack stats

Hiding the smiley

Luckily there’s an easy way to hide that smiley icon. Again, as mentioned earlier, it’s pretty harmless, but it’s ugly for many people, myself included.

To remove the smiley from the bottom of your WordPress site, you don’t need to use any CSS. All you have to do is to flip an option in a Jetpack setting and then you are done.

Go to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Jetpack Site Stats.

Jetpack site stats menu

From there, click on configure (on top right) and then click on expand. You should then see a page similar to this:

Jetpack site stats configurations

Now enable Hide the stats smiley face image and you are done 🙂

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